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CNN’s Google Glass App Now Supports iReport Citizen Journalism – Glass Almanac


CNN's Google Glass App Now Supports iReport Citizen Journalism – Glass Almanac.

Rift Press Bookstore

Rift Press is pleased to announce its affiliation with Amazon to provide a direct link for purchasing the books and products that we mention in our blog.

Thank you for your continued support.



Rift Press and the Journal of Speculative Science First Topic

Our first topic has been chosen by the team at Rift Press.

Astral Travel and Alternate Realities.

Please see submission guidelines before submitting an article.

Publishing of the very first edition of the Journal will be by the end of 2013.

More information coming soon.

Topics of Rift Publishing & Rift Press

Charlie, Kathleen and Doc

Charlie, Kathleen and Doc

Rift Press & Rift Publishing House, LLC was specifically created by the founders to be THE place for alternative, speculative, fringe, and future science subjects.  We will also be publishing selectively in the areas of philosophy, religion, spirituality, physics, metaphysics, cryptozoology, meditation, forbidden science, forbidden history, conspiracy theories, and more.



Rift Publishing House, LLC

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