Who We Are

Dr. Wayne E. Haley, MBBS., Ph.D, Th.D, N.D.

Dr. Haley is by his own term a ‘Nomad in search of the Truth’. He’s an established writer, author, and an advance scientific researcher. Wayne (also known as Doc) has retired as a Senior Administrator for the University of California System. To date he has traveled to over fifty six countries in the search for ‘facts’ rather than ‘beliefs’. His accomplishments in the area of hard science are extremely lengthy. He has spent a lifetime proving the existence of an alternate reality which to him is as of yet, just an undiscovered aspect of today’s standard Scientific Model. He has written several published books and a number of screenplays. When not writing, he is involved in direct research in the areas of man-machine interfacing, radionics, and psi research at a very high level.

Conact Dr. Wayne E. Haley at raisuli@riftpress.com

Kathleen M. Haley, B.A.

Kathleen is the solid grounding that our publishing house needs to function daily.  She comes from a background of several major project management firms in the commercial world.  She is our first line of contact in Rift.  Kathleen is the first to proof read and edit all of our material.  She is seen most often with a blue pencil in her hand, along with a notepad and clipboard.  In her spare time she works with animal to human communications, and also plant to human communications.  We should also mention that she is a gifted underwater filmmaker.

contact Kathleen M. Haley email Kathleen@riftpress.com

Charlie Arthur